Our departments and services rendered

  • Sales for New Business:

When you buy your new baby or for a more affordable premium, give our dynamic sales consultants a call for the most competitive quote on the market to suit your need. We will ensure that you are covered in a nick of time, with just one phone call.

  • Policy Administration:

As a valued client, we will administer your policies by giving you the best service possible and keeping you abreast of any changes or alterations, if at all, on your policy held with our brokerage.

  • Client Relations:

We, as your broker, act as the go-between with the insurance companies, you, as the client don’t have to do anything, but be satisfied with your interest being handled by the best in the business. Even If you are not satisfied with your current insurer, we will scout the market for a better alternative insurer at no extra cost to you.

If you are looking to save on your current premium or you are looking for better service, give us a try and we assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at our levels of commitment to you.

Why make use of a broker’s services?

  1.  Ease

Many of the consumers in our test case were surprised here. At least half began our test with the impression that buying policies directly would be the easiest option for them. After trying both, almost all had changed their mind.

Whilst the online experience usually proved more pleasant than the phone, most brokers offered an online service, and were far, far more pro-active after they received the initial quote request from the consumer, often answering queries by personal email or call and helping to reassure customers with a human service. Furthermore, most direct services completely fell down when queries or changes were required that were less common, particularly later in the policy life cycle. Brokers really shone through here.


  1. Speed

The results here were quite evenly balanced. In the case of the time taken to generate initial quotation figures, direct services (online) were consistently very quick, while some brokers answered quote requests by personal follow up.

The difference however was somewhat reversed when it came to midterm changes, documentation requests and one- off queries. The direct services often fell back to large call centres whose staff had little or no real insurance knowledge. In this areas brokers were more efficient, making suggestions our consumers found highly useful, saving them lots of time.

On balance, the speed at which quotes were produced by the direct services was not significant to our consumers when compared to the speed and efficiency with which brokers generally managed their policies throughout the policy life cycle.

“As long as my broker doesn’t take too long to come back to me, I don’t care.   It’s his problem while the clock is ticking, not mine.”


  1. Peace of mind that everything is covered

We saw few surprises here. Brokers were largely far more efficient at cross checking policies than consumers, and also very good at educating their customers, explaining what types of cover were available and answering queries.

Direct processes were better than in the past but put too much focus on the consumer to do this work himself/herself to be able to compete with the level of service provided by brokers.

The really good Direct services centred around only covering the low risk policies, and leaving any consumer with non-standard requirements high and dry.


  1. Security of personal data

This was a difficult one to test, and fell largely to our technical team. We did however take into account how consumers felt about their data security after using the various services.

In the case of Internet based services, the direct services tended to follow security guidelines marginally better than broker services, mainly due to the size of the organisations involved and lack of good software on the part of some brokers.

On the phone however, we saw a different story. Brokers, being far better equipped to deal with specific insurance questions and used to a human discussion, gave people a stronger feeling that they were in safe hands. The process of securing personal data was much the same as with direct, but the trust conveyed by brokers was better.


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